A Pioneering Approach to Industrial IoT

Model-Aware™ MTConnect for Seamless Integration and Compliance
By John Murphy, TAMS CEO
27 Dec 2023


In the landscape of the Industrial Internet of Things, a new approach to development around the MTConnect Information model is being introduced. Model-Aware™ MTConnect, stands as a groundbreaking development, marking a significant step towards seamless Industrial IoT integration. Based primarily on the development patterns and frameworks open-sourced by our company True Analytics Manufacturing Solutions (TAMS), this transformative approach is set to redefine how the industry leverages the MTConnect standard, ensuring compliance and efficiency in IoT implementations.


Since its inception, MTConnect has been a vital standard in manufacturing, offering a unified format for data representation and communication across diverse shop floor equipment. However, despite its widespread adoption, the industry has faced persistent challenges in integration. The core of this issue lies in the fact that many existing MTConnect implementations, while functional for data transmission, often fail to comply with the MTConnect Information model. This non-compliance leads to inefficiencies, data inaccuracies, and a myriad of integration problems that hamper the true potential of smart manufacturing processes. Non-compliant implementations of MTConnect, that reduce the agent to an XML data transporter, also fail to deliver on the primary Industrial use-case the standard intended offer.

The Model-Aware™ Solution

Enter Model-Aware™ MTConnect applications – a concept that is not just an incremental improvement but a fundamental shift in the standard's application. By aligning the development of MTConnect solutions with the foundational source code that mirrors the MTConnect model exactly, this approach guarantees semantic and structural compliance. It ensures that the solutions developed are inherently aligned with the MTConnect standard, thereby resolving the long-standing issue of inconsistent implementations.

TAMS Role & Open-Source Contributions

The role of TAMS in this innovation cannot be overstated. TAMS has been instrumental in enabling the industry to transition towards Model-Aware™ MTConnect solutions. The SysML Transpiler, developed by TAMS in cooperation with the MTConnect Institute, is a tool that exemplifies this shift. It navigates the complexities of the SysML XMI, automatically generating C# code libraries that form the backbone of Model-Aware™ MTConnect solutions. These libraries are the key to ensuring that solutions developed under this paradigm are not only compliant but also maintain the highest standards of data integrity and reliability.

Furthermore, TAMS has taken a step further by open-sourcing our AdapterSdk – the first Model-Aware™ Adapter framework. This open-source framework is a testament to our commitment to advancing the MTConnect standard and fostering an environment of collaboration and innovation in the industry. By providing a tool that ensures semantic and structural compliance, TAMS has laid the groundwork for developers and manufacturers to adopt Model-Aware™ practices effortlessly, paving the way for more efficient, reliable, and interoperable manufacturing systems.


In conclusion, Model-Aware™ MTConnect represents the most significant advancement in seamless Industrial IoT integration since the MTConnect standard was first introduced in 2008. By ensuring compliance and standardization at the foundational level of solution development, it addresses the core challenges that have hindered the full realization of MTConnect's potential in the industry. The proactive approach championed by our company through the development of the SysML Transpiler and the open-sourcing of AdapterSdk marks a new era in smart manufacturing – an era where seamless, efficient, and compliant integration of IoT systems is not just a goal but a reality.

Author: John J. Murphy, Founder & CEO at TAMS

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