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Tribal Knowledge

Tribal Knowledge is the undocumented information accumulated and controlled by your company’s most valuable front-line employees. True Analytics developed a solution to make transforming Tribal Knowledge into Company Knowledge simple. Our solution helps you solve problems faster while simultaneously building a knowledge base that will manifest itself as a competitive advantage and will safeguard your company’s future.

Digital Thread

The Digital Thread centers on the idea that access to data should be simple and universal. Finding a single piece of data quickly leads you to its relatives, which will soon guide you into every piece of information about the related object, subject and/or business process. Data is so neatly tied together it is 'Threaded'. In almost every case we have seen the 'digital thread' is more of a theory than a reality. We wanted to change that, so True Analytics made it a feature in our application. The 'Digital Thread' feature is even better than the Theory!

Process Improvement

Every feature in RevolutionCore™ was designed to support the idea that every part is better than the last. Companies that compete in a global economy can never be satisfied and continuous improvement needs to be the norm, not the exception. True Analytics process monitoring solution is not about metrics, it is about ensuring that every part runs better than the last. We do this by providing a much more actionable look into your data and your shop. Ask for a demo and we'll show you how its refreshingly different.

Key Features

True Analytics - RevolutionCore™ is the most comprehensive Ecosystem for Smart Manufacturing. Our suite of applications are purpose built and designed to enable collaboration, make data accessible, integrate systems and devices, and solve problems. Its designed by manufacturers to solve manufacturing problems.
  • RevolutionCore™ - the only IIoT Solution Designed specifically for Process Improvement
  • Tribal Knowledge Solutions
  • Real-Time Dashboards
  • Process Performance
  • Tool Performance
  • Actionable Reporting - Process Improvement
  • Digital Process Documentation
  • System Integration (ERP, Tool Data Management, CAM, etc.)

Real Users are the Best Sales Team

RevolutionCore™ is designed to solve real problems. Real people, in real shops, solving real problems...

completely different

We tried machine monitoring 3 times in the past without success, we wouldn't have considered a 4th attempt unless it was a completely different solution. RevolutionCore™ is actionable on day 1, nothing else was like that.

The details are
critical here

Having an easy way to create, modify and enhance extremely detailed digital shop floor documents, like setupsheet, changed everything for us!

Its simple to get
everyone engaged

Before we would make suggestions talk about the 'next time' we run this part we need to do xyz, but ultimately we would forget, loose the critical information or just get too damn busy. Before nothing would change, and now we don't have any excuses but to do it better.

Just about

I monitor my cutter grind machines, classify downtime, collaborate with machinist and programmer, solve complex tooling problems on the shop floor using the Digital Thread feature, manage how tools are being distributed to the shop and track where everything is. Simultaneously...

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